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About Minutia Gallery

Gallery View 1Minutia Gallery is a beautifully done over area that is only about 125 square feet. Hence, the name Minutia, which references the size of the gallery but certainly is no indication of the size or quality of the fine art that is (and will be) displayed there.

 It is a small space next to, and part of, The Artists Playground. The two areas are divided by a wall and each has its own entrance. At this writing there areGallery View 2 about 45 fine art pieces hanging in the show, the average size being 16x20 inches or so. This seems to be a comfortable amount and size for viewing the art. There are a few spots that can accommodate larger (30x40) works but overall the space is more suited for average size two-dimensional art. We have also installed state-of-the-art halogen, directional, track lighting.

 When we first relocated to this part of the Tannery, we used what is now Minutia as a gallery for a short time. Since then it has been many things. It has been mostly storage space, but also used for a graphic design business, sub-leted for a hypnotherapists use and as an extended area for “Painting from the Heart” workshops.

 Although the gallery has been finished for about a year now, we have not been able to have regular hours. The art is that of the owner, Pat Lutz, who is also the teacher at The Artists Playground. All showings have been on a ‘by appointment’ basis or we have left the gallery open while art classes are in progress.

 Towards the end of this summer we will post regular hours and kick the gallery into full operation. We hope to begin having shows by some of our advanced students (either single or a group) and select, local guest artists. We may also have shows for individual classes, adults and/or children.

 We are excited to be getting Minutia Gallery up and running and we look forward to seeing some of you visit when we begin regular hours and/or show openings.Gallery View 3

Until then, if you are interested in seeing our work first hand, fill out the contact form and we will make arrangements with you. For now, our website is purely informational and we are not selling art here. However, if you fall in love with any of the artwork you see on our site, email us or call and we will be happy to arrange the sale.

 Thanks for visiting our website!

 C. F. (Chuck) Lutz