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Floral paintings
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Painting from the Heart

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The Art of Pat Lutz

Pat Lutz has been an artist and teacher for over 25 years. She owns The Artists Playground, a school for young and old that she touts as ‘an art school where nobody fails’. She instructs in all mediums. Pat Lutz
Predominately a self taught artist, Pat believes that everyone can learn to express themselves in an artistic way. Her students learn about the process taking precedence over the product and with this philosophy, she says, the outcome will eventually take care of itself.

 “My entire life is about teaching and painting. I am devoted to more than one hundred aspiring adults and children who allow me to guide and encourage them to find their artistic voices. My goal for them and for myself is to become limitless; to stay open and constantly discover what we want to say and how to say it. With a spirit of adventure we take risks with paint, making marks on paper or canvas, exploring line, value, color and texture. Thus, we are all uplifting our lives, enriching our spirits and speaking our truth.”

I hope you enjoy the images on the web site! There are many different styles and mediums here, mostly because I am constantly having to explore new methods, mediums and techniques in order to provide my students with the help they need in their own art.